safely exit the platform

The business shrinks into a direct gold selling market. GGC is only used for the gold purchase and investment by users of gold equity certificates within the Goldlinks exchange, but not used for the external payment and circulation. Goldlinks normally earns gold trading profits and relevant fees.
If the users exit Goldlinks project, the foundation will repurchases GGC from users with fiat currency, then these GGC\'s corresponding gold assets will belong to the Foundation, Or users can directly exchange GGC to physical gold to exit, and Goldlinks cancels the corresponding GGC and publishes the account records to the global members based on the blockchain technology. If all global members withdraw from the Goldlinks project, the foundation will be automatically dismissed after the Foundation completes all the exchanges. This kind of situation is in extremely small odds, but it is also being fully considered for the value protection of all the members.