Dual-currency mechanism

1.What is Goldlinks’s dual-currency mechanism?

For the future development of the community, Goldlinks issue two kinds of tokens: GGCGlobal Gold Cashand GGTGlobal Gold Tokenwhich form the dual-currency mechanism of digital currency.

2.What is Global Gold Cash (GGC)?

GGC is an encrypted digital currency asset of stable value issued by Goldlinks platform based on real gold reserves with transparent audit and blockchain ERC20 technology of smart contract. 100 GGC are equal to the value of 1 gram of real physical gold. It is transparent, real and non-over issuance, GGC can exchange for physical gold at Goldlinks cooperative networks at any time unconditionally.

3.What are the functions of GGC?

GGC is the tool currency in the Goldlinks dual-currency mechanism. As a global exchange benchmarking tool, it can be used for the universal value exchange and payment, the pricing and exchange of asset value, asset hedging/preservation/appreciation, individual wealth management etc. Users can use GGC to conduct trade, settlement and exchange between traditional wealth world and digital asset world.

4.What is the difference between GGC and general digital currency?

The encrypted digital currency represented by Bitcoin is widely regarded as a digital asset rather than a currency because of its high volatility and deflation; the stable currency represented by USDT is criticized for its imperfect censorship and over-centralization. More importantly, Bitcoin and USDT cannot be priced, but if currency is to be financed, circulated, and traded in digital assets, the first thing that needs to be done is pricing. GGC is more effective as an asset-winding pricing tool than other digital currencies. Moreover, GGC is a digital currency in which the underlying assets are truly decentralized, stable, transparent, auditable, and extensible. And supported by physical gold, the truly stable underlying asset, it has the highest value of consensus.

5.How do users get GGC?

The purchase and redeemption of GGC is temporarily unavailable, buying pattern will be informed in no time as long as there is one.  

6.How to guarantee 100GGC=1g gold?

Every 100 GGC has 1g of gold bars approved by LBMA.

Standard smelting

All gold is re-melted at the world-famous gold alchemy plant and re-generate to standard investment gold according to international standards.

Safe storage

Gold is preserved in the world-famous gold regulatory treasury, including banks, financial exchanges, national offshore treasuries, etc, to ensure the security of gold preservation.

Transparent audit

Spot gold management is governed by Hong Kong and Singaporean gold trading licensees holders, in accordance with the trading standards of the Gold Exchange. The monitoring data will be publicized regularly, audited and publicly disclosed relevant audit data by a third-party auditing company.

Dual regulatory mechanism

Cooperating with listed companies, Goldlinks establishes a dual management and control system: through acquisition or cooperation, the foundation and listed companies work together to accomplish gold production, management, delivery and exchange. Basing upon the supervision system established by the foundation itself, Goldlinks introduces supervision system from listed companies to manage its gold underlying assets, which guarantees the security of underlying assets to the maximum extent and protects the rights of all Goldlinks members.

7.What is Global Gold Token (GGT)?

GGT is the tool employed to authenticate identities as long as rights and interests of community members in the community. It is the investment currency in the Goldlinks dual currency mechanism and is the global universal value equity certificate with the GGT final amount of 20 billion.

8.What are the functions of GGT?

GGT represents the community value of Goldlinks. With GGT community members share and enjoy various rights and interests of Goldlinks community including project dividends, repurchase, gold purchase discounts, project voting, investment equity, and investment arbitrage, etc.

9.How do users get GGT?
Through its incentive mechanism Goldlinks ensures that members who jointly participate in and promote the ecological development of the Goldlinks Gold Blockchain will obtain a certain number of GGT according to the following terms:
  1. User incentives: Buy 100 bucks GGC and receive 2% GGT
  2. Mine incentives: Profit is generated every time a GGC is sold, and Goldlinks gives the mine owner corresponding proportion of GGT as incentives.
  3. Monetary holding incentives: 2%-5% GGT
  4. Application scenario incentives: landing users enter the community, users will have the corresponding GGT after consumption
10.What is the Goldlinks Value Dual-currency Driving Mode?

GGT and GGC together form the Value Dual-currency Driving Mode. Through IDO mode users purchase GGC and complete secure admission. The more users of GGC application scenarios, the larger the value of Goldlinks community and the higher the price of GGT is. The high value of GGT in turn encourages more users to enter the market for GGC investment. In the Goldlinks Value Dual-currency Driving Mode, GGC and GGT are positively correlated.