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1.What is the gold digital exchange?

Goldlinks built the first blockchain-based global gold digital exchange to offer gold sales, exchange and transaction services. Legal tenders, gold and digital currency (e.g. BTC, ETH) can be conveniently exchanged in the community with gold digital currency as the medium.

2.How do users trade on the Gold Digital Exchange?

On Goldlinks\' gold digital asset exchange platform system, users of the traditional world buy gold on the exchange through legal currency and then convert it into GGC for trading. Users of the digital world can exchange the gold digital currency GGC to physical gold at the global designated outlets of Goldlinks, completing the transition from the digital asset world to the traditional wealth world. Users can conduct transactions between traditional precious metal gold and digital currency on the gold digital exchange with the gold digital currency GGC.

3.What is the gold digital wallet?

Gold digital wallet is a light wallet built on Ethereum and a cold wallet built on independently encrypted chips. It is designed to be the most used digital wallet in the world, and make GGC a mainstream benchmark for global trade and payment scenarios.

4.What are the functions of the gold digital wallet?

Users can deposit money into Goldlinks.one through the gold digital wallet, and realize gold currency trade and exchange, GGC redemption, transfer payment, investment and wealth management, etc. on the wallet.

5.What is the gold digital bank?

The gold digital bank provides global settlement liquidation and payment services of gold digital currency issued by Goldlinks as well as asset digitization and trade services which are based on the stable gold digital currency GGC.

6.What is GLS Public Blockchain?

GLS Public Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology based on mature technologies and operation experiences which combines the blockchain with the finance-related distributed computing architecture of excellent performance and safety. Goldlinks will build the latest generation of blockchain platforms based on the distributed architecture network of AI Smart Autonomous Domains.