League Chain

Based on Hyperledger Fabric

Public Chain

Based on DPOS and P4P

GGC League Chain

GGC League Chain is jointly operated by all the participants of Goldlinks, the Global Gold Industry Blockchain Alliance, including the Goldlinks foundation, the gold miners, the gold mints and the gold trading institutions, etc.

GGC League Chain is developed on the basis of the Hyperledger Fabric of IBM.

The ledger records all the GGC related transactions. Members can refer to or modify the ledger abided by their authorities.

The ledger is maintained by nodes in each channel.

The nodes are managed by Membership Service Provider, or MSP system.

ChainCode represents smart contract in GGC League Chain. Different nodes can deploy the same ChainCode.

Goldlinks Public Chain

The Goldlinks public chain is developed to support high-speed exchange, settlement and clearing between GGC and other digital currencies, digital assets or physical assets.

The equity of the Goldlinks Autonomous Community, including rewards, discounts, voting, etc., will also be recorded in the public chain.

The public chain is based on the consensus mechanism of Delegated proof of stake (DPOS), combined with the highly stable P4P technology initiated by the Goldlinks Foundation.

Ultimately, API and SDK will be offered to provide the interface for more developers who are willing to participate in the building of Goldlinks ecosystem.

Two-way Technological Peg

The Goldlinks Platform ultilize a combination model of a main chain and a side chain to support the two-way peg between GGC League Chain and Goldlinks Public Chain.

And we adopt a decentralized technology to realise the digital asset transitons between the main chain and the side chain, which is Simplified Payment Verification(SPV).