1.What is Goldlinks.one?

Launched project planning in June 2017, Goldlinks is the world\'s largest, safest and strongest credit structure IDO digital asset blockchain project in 2018. By using the blockchain technology to link the producers, investors, consumers and users in global gold industry together to jointly establish global gold blockchain community, it enables the global community users to use the gold digital currency as a value exchange tool for investment, trade and consumption in a transparent, disintermediated and digital way, so that user’s investments become safer, more reliable and more convenient and realize the effective management and growth of wealth in the current global economic environment.

2.Goldlinks vision & mission & goal

Goldlinks vision: Creating a reliable and transparent universal value exchange platform for all mankind with the oldest gold and the most cutting-edge future technology.

Goldlinks mission: By using the blockchain technology to link the producers, consumers and investors in global gold industry together to jointly establish Goldlinks global gold blockchain community. The encrypted digital assets GGC (Global Gold Cash), supported by the underlying assets of physical gold, are used as the tool of value exchange and circulation.

Goldlinks goal: Creating a global gold industrial blockchain exchange platform and promoting GGC to become the world\'s most exchangeable and tradable encrypted digital currency asset.

3.Why we chose physical gold as the supporting underlying asset?

Gold is an important tool for defensive or risk-averse financial strategies and an excellent means of wealth preservation and appreciation which makes gold irreplacable by other international reserves or means. The high stability and scarcity of gold make it a demand for high-net-worth people in the world, and a common value consensus for all mankind.

4.Why do we choose to issue the project in IDO mode?

Price before circulation makes ICO difficult to distinguish the merits of its projects. Many ICO projects sponsors fled with money after public placement, which caused serious losses for investors. The increasingly chaotic ICO also produces a large amount of air coins, and the high investment risk makes ICO prohibitive. On the contrary, IDO is the safest digital asset issuance mode for investors, which can fully protect the safety of investors by avoiding any financial fraud and investment risks due to project interruptions. While IDO issuance mechanism adopted by Goldlinks has been recognized by many financial investment institutions, insurance companies, governments and central banks, which la high requirements on safety, Goldlinks is also taken as the safest digital asset to invest in or to reserve.

5.What are the advantages of Goldlinks compared to other IDO projects?

  • Strong industrial resources support
  • Backed by the huge market potential and strong strategic resources of 150 million global Chinese businessmen
  • Strategic resources of China\'s annual smartphone shipments
  • Secure underlying assets
  • Controllable low risk
  • Large enough theme and high enough asset premium
  • Systematic business model design
  • Impeccable ecosystem design
  • Professional team
  • Biggest and safest blockchain investment project

6.How is Goldlinks profitable?

Goldlinks\' profit methods are as follows: exchange service fees, gold trading spreads, and transaction fees incurred in the course of GGC’s circulation, investment income, value-added services, derivative income etc.