Goldlinks Releases the Whitepaper V2.0, Scaling New Height for Brand Strategy

On 15th July, Goldlinks officially released the new 2.0 version of the Whitepaper, scaling new height for its brand strategy.
As the demand for a digital currency with stable value is urgent and ever-increasing, Goldlinks strives for bridging the traditional financial system and the digital world. Based on the consensus of the identification of gold, Goldlinks issues GGC, the universal anchor of value in digital world, and builds a digital financial infrastructure, and expands the Goldlinks application ecosystem to actively address the opportunities and challenges in the digital economy era.
The upgrading of Goldlinks brand strategy mainly covers the following aspects:

1. Making GGC a stable anchor of value for the digital world, and the cornerstone of the new digital paradigm.
The cognition of human and their trust in gold is natural and non-credit cost, which is difficult for other items to transcend.
By adapting the cutting-edge blockchain technology in physical gold, Goldlinks has transformed gold into a divisible, tokenized asset known as Global Gold Coins (GGC), unlocking gold's natural monetary properties in a digital world.

Goldlinks is building consensus around GGC and encourage investors to hold the token by making it a basic stable anchor of value for the digital assets, and a universal medium of exchange for the digital world.

2. Building digital financial infrastructure
By creating GGC, an anchor for digital assets and universal medium of exchange, Goldlinks is building the financial infrastructure for a digital world. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Digital asset management tools:
  • Building a Bluetooth hardware wallet for the secure storage and management of digital assets.

  • Digital gold banking: 
  • Developing storage, payment, transfer, exchange, and investment solutions for GGC and other popular digital assets.

  • Goldlinks blockchain:
  • Creating a public blockchain underpinned by a secure, efficient, and intelligent autonomous network.

  • Digital asset exchange:
  • Facilitating the exchange of digital assets in secondary markets.

  • Digital asset ecosystem fund:
  • Growing the Goldlinks application ecosystem by supporting and investing in digital financial infrastructure and real-world blockchain projects.

3. Expanding Goldlinks application ecosystem based on the digital financial infrastructure
Commercial use cases must be found to unlock the true value of blockchain technology.
In addition to building digital financial infrastructure, Goldlinks is looking to grow its application ecosystem by exploring the integration of blockchain technology into industries, as to create and expand Goldlinks application ecosystem. The Goldlinks blockchain application ecosystem mainly encompasses financial services, supply chains, leisure, internet of things, smart industry, etc.

Goldlinks application ecosystem
Take two of the application scenarios as examples:

Financial services:
Financial services are the first sector ripe for the application of blockchain technology. One of blockchain’s most promising applications is in the reconfiguration of digital financial infrastructure. Goldlinks is exploring and investing in use cases for blockchain in digital financial services, including online and offline digital payments, cross-border payments, trade finance, asset digitization, digital asset investment and wealth management, and digital asset clearing and settlement.
Leisure and entertainment:
Goldlinks application scenarios in the leisure and entertainment sector include travel product payments (for example, using GGC to pay for flights and hotels), overseas travel expenditure, and payments for online gaming platforms and other online entertainment products. Future use-cases might extend to e-books, digital music, digital video content and rights management, and crowd-funding for cultural initiatives.
In the upgrading of Goldlinks brand strategy and the release of the Whitepaper 2.0 version, details of the past achievements of Goldlinks have been revealed, which includes the issuance of GGC, the launch of Goldlinks Bluetooth hard wallet, the listing of GGT on digital exchanges and so on. While at the same time, Goldlinks is looking forward to the future development base upon circumstance.
In the future, GGC will become the stable anchor of value for the digital world, and the cornerstone of the new digital paradigm.
On the way to humanity's digital culture, Goldlinks will apply the dual-token driven mode of the “Gold-based stablecoin GGC + Community utility token GGT” to roll out Goldlinks' digital financial infrastructure, which will provide a comprehensive solution for the switch between traditional world and digital economy system, and will act as a bridge between the legacy system and a new digital world.
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