Goldlinks Software Wallet: A Safer, Easier Tool for Managing Digital Assets

Over the past year, the global gold industry blockchain alliance Goldlinks has continued to expand its business ecosystem, but it has also turned its attention to digital asset security, an issue close to the hearts of users. As part of this effort, Goldlinks has developed and launched its own proprietary software wallet, which will ensure the secure storage and transaction of user funds. Goldlinks also plans to launch a hardware wallet in the near future, which will offer enhanced security features.
According to Goldlinks product director Jacky Qian, the core proposition of Goldlinks’ software wallet is to “develop reliable infrastructure that guarantees the safe storage, custody, transfer, transaction, and investment of digital assets, while furthering Goldlinks’ business development.”
The Goldlinks software wallet claims to offer support for most popular digital assets, a key feature that sets it apart from the majority of existing wallets, which have a narrower focus. Furthermore, the new wallet offers a one-stop, multi-chain solution, enabling users to send, receive, and manage different digital assets from one place. This should mean that users will no longer need to install multiple wallets, making it easier to manage a broad portfolio of assets.

The Goldlinks team believes that robust wallet security is essential for digital asset appreciation. For this reason, the Goldlinks hardware wallet features an enterprise-grade chip that prevents hackers from gaining control of private keys, even if the device is stolen. The hardware version of the wallet also comes with built-in signature protection to guard against storage and signature attacks; and a combination of software and hardware protection, which creates an additional barrier against hackers. This three-fold defense system ensures that neither the wallet nor the funds within are compromised.

Finally, the launch of the software wallet is also another major milestone for the development of Goldlinks’ business ecosystem. In addition to supporting the storage and transaction of digital assets, the wallet also enables Goldlinks to integrate channels and apps from partners. This will generate considerable traffic for the latter, while bringing a range of new features and capabilities for users.