Goldlinks July Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter
Project developments:
1. Goldlinks releases the Whitepaper V2.0, scaling new height for brand strategy


On 15th July, Goldlinks officially released the new 2.0 version of the Whitepaper, scaling new height for its brand strategy. As mentioned in its Whitepaper 2.0, Goldlinks will issue GGC, the universal anchor of value in digital world, based on the consensus of the identification of gold. By building a digital financial infrastructure, Goldlinks will expand its application ecosystem to actively address the opportunities and challenges in the digital economy era, while acting as a bridge between the legacy system and a new digital world.

2. Goldlinks promotional video "Unifying the Digital World" officially launched
Following the release of the Whitepaper V2.0, the Goldlinks promotional video "Unifying the Digital World" has also been launched online. The video mainly tells about the changes from the ancient Chinese silver bill to the modern global “golden bill", and the revolution from industrial civilization to digital culture, depicting the blueprint of a world of unified digital culture to people. With a dual credit endorsement of gold and blockchain technology, the consensus of the gold digital currency is natural and more applicable.

3. Utility token GGT net purchase trading contest came to an successful end


As to celebrate the utility token GGT (Global Gold Token) grand landing on ZBG.COM, the GGT Net Purchases Trading Contest, organized by Goldlinks together with ZBG, has started at 10:00 a.m on July 8, and came to an successful end at 23: 59 a.m on July 14, lasting for a whole week. The contest has attracted many participators, and the top 20 ranked GGT net purchase participators have been awarded in the forms of the investment gold bars, iPhone Xs, USDT and other rich prizes!

4. CEO Ouyang Yun invited to attend the 2019 Cointime Summit in Vietnam
on July 26 Goldlinks CEO Ouyang Yun made an appearance at Cointime Summit 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City, where he presented a speech on “The return to the essence of credit under a digital financial system” and aired his views on blockchain technology and developing ecosystems.


Ouyang noted, the true value of the blockchain is only realized when it is used in commercial applications. And to build up a business model and land-based ecological application of the token economy, it is necessary to have a stable medium of exchange, that is, a stablecoin. For this, Ouyang thinks that Bitcoin is a great invention, but he doesn’t foresee Bitcoin as a suitable medium of exchange until the last Bitcoin is mined. Instead, Ouyang highlighted the intrinsic value of gold and how blockchain technology has enabled the decentralization of trust. He believes that a token backed by both gold and blockchain technology will command more trust, enabling it to achieve the broadest degree of recognition.