Goldlinks June monthly report

Monthly Newsletter
Project Developments:

1. Community token GGT listed on ZBG exchange
At 14:00 on June 28 (Singapore Time), Goldlinks' community token GGT (Global Gold Token) was listed on one of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges, ZBG, with the launch of the GGT/USDT and GGT/ZT trading pairs. According to data from ZBG, GGT gained 106 percent over its issue price intraday.

2. Goldlinks announces launch of the Unity Fund, a FinTech ecosystem fund
At the 2019 First Asia Hemp Summit on June 28, Goldlinks announced the launch of its TechFin ecosystem fund, the Unity Fund, as well as its collaboration with the CBDG Cannabis Fund to incubate Asia's first hemp media platform, Hemp Times. During the event, the mainland-listed company Shunho Stock announced its investment in Hemp Times, and concluded a strategic cooperation framework agreement together with the CBDG Cannabis Fund and Unity Fund.

The Unity Fund is a consensus-based fund that is committed to investing in TechFin infrastructure and emerging blockchain-related industries. The fund’s ultimate aim is to build a closed-loop Goldlinks application ecosystem. Going forward, Goldlinks will continue to promote the integration of blockchain technology and the token economy model across the industrial hemp industry supply chain, while deepening strategic cooperation between the Unity Fund and CBDG Cannabis Fund, and investing in promising projects in the industrial hemp industry.

Events and Interviews:

1. Dr. Zhao Yong invited to attend Bitcoin Night 
On June 23, Goldlinks' Chief Scientist Dr. Zhao Yong was invited to attend the third "Bitcoin Night - Believers Party", an event jointly organized by leading Chinese blockchain news portal Mars Finance, and Goldlinks.

At the event, Dr. Zhao presented a keynote speech entitled, "Back to Origin: From Credit to Belief". In his speech, he noted that the evolution of grid computing offers many lessons that are applicable to the development of blockchain technology. He indicated that both grid computing and blockchain systems are decentralized and asymmetrical, and that the architecture, middleware, and modules used in grid computing can also be used in blockchain infrastructure. Dr. Zhao added that the Goldlinks public blockchain will integrate grid computing technology to create a network that is more widely distributed.

Commenting on the launch of Libra, Dr. Zhao said that fundamentally, Facebook's new cryptocurrency will help drive the pivot towards a digital world, but will also impact the sovereign currencies of smaller nations. Dr. Zhao argued that universal gold-backed tokens could provide the building blocks for a fairer monetary system, and that the combination of physical gold and blockchain technology could lay down a more equitable foundation for the world's new economic architecture.

2. CEO Ouyang Yun attends the 2019 First Asia Hemp Summit
On June 28, Goldlinks CEO Ouyang Yun attended the First Asia Hemp Summit in Hong Kong, where he gave a keynote speech on how blockchain technology can empower the industrial hemp industry.

During the summit, Ouyang floated his vision for the integration of blockchain technology into the industrial hemp industry. He proposed using blockchain applications and the token economy model to empower the industrial hemp industry and overcome public skepticism towards this sector. Ouyang noted that the industrial hemp industry has massive market potential and is well positioned to integrate new technologies, new sectors, new economic models, and new financial models. Moreover, it can do so without experiencing the growing pains that usually accompany technological disruption.

3. CEO Ouyang Yun interviewed by HKSTV, The Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Jinse Financial, and other media
On June 28, following the conclusion of the First Asia Hemp Summit, Goldlinks CEO Ouyang Yun gave interviews to several news organizations, including HKSTV, The Hong Kong Commercial Daily, and Jinse Financial. Ouyang explained how blockchain technology and the token economy model can empower the industrial hemp industry and discussed the future prospects of the blockchain space.

According to Ouyang, the industrial hemp industry has the potential to become a trillion-RMB market, and blockchain can be used to create communities of consensus and incentives to help empower it. Goldlinks sees considerable scope for blockchain applications in the industrial hemp industry. For this reason, it will use the Unity Fund to make investments in promising sectors with strong consumer demand like the industrial hemp industry, while at the same time expanding its application ecosystem and exploring use cases across a range of consumer markets.