Tapping the Blockchain to Industrial Cannabis to Create a Sound Business Ecosystem


The 2019 First Asia Hemp Summit co-held by CBDG Cannabis Industry Fund and Arcview, one of the top 5 financial firms in the cannabis sector, will be held on 28th June in HongKong. Goldlinks will attend the event at the time as the Special Sponsor, CEO ouyang will also show up and give a theme speech.

Industrial Cannabis is actually not a new topic in many western countries. Unlike drug cannabis, the industrial Cannabis has no toxicity and can even act on the treatment of a variety of intractable diseases. Because of its great value, many international organizations and western countries have already liberalized industrial cannabis control and opened up the application prospects. In this big context, the 2019 First Asia Hemp Summit came into being.

With the open policy guidelines and trillions of market potential, front-runners from all walks of life have seen opportunities in industrial cannabis,and blockchain industry is one of them.
Goldlinks also see the prosperous future in industrial cannabis. And by marrying the blockchain technology with industrial cannabis, Goldlinks considers an unitive community consensus of industrial cannabis can be built. What’s more, a sound and systematic business ecosystem of industrial cannabis can be established.

The retroactivity and the tamper-resistant manner of blockchain not only gives intellectualization and traceability to the extraction of industrial cannabis, but also makes the future sales of industrial cannabis more widely used. Moreover, the financing issues associated with the industrial cannabis industry can be solved with the help of digital asset products that based on blockchain technology. The integration of new technology and new economic form will complete the industrial cannabis ecological industrial chain, and will also create a new business ecosystem for industrial cannabis.